LinkedIn Announces The Launch Of A New Podcast Network

Image Credit: iStock, chinnapong

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Ah LinkedIn, the only place on the internet where musing about the silver linings of a job candidate’s botched interview counts as creativity. Naturally, what every user wants is even more content from the professional networking site.

At least, that’s what the people at LinkedIn HQ think. On Wednesday, the Microsoft-owned company announced the launch of its own podcast network, and even co-founder and executive chairman Reid Hoffman is getting in on the “fun” — soon he’ll be adding “podcast co-host” to his resume.

Long Time Poster, First Time Podder

In addition to Hoffman’s show, dubbed The Start-Up of You, the podcast network will feature shows from corporate thought leaders like Rufus Griscom, Mita Mallick, and Morra Aarons-Mele (not quite Joe Rogan famous — more “LinkedIn famous”). Existing LinkedIn program Hello Monday will be folded into the network, and each show will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other major podcast platforms. Verizon is already lined up as the initial presenting sponsor.

So why is a glorified business rolodex getting into the podcast game? LinkedIn wants to be known as more than just a CV social network and job board, and podcasts are just one more way it hopes to attract creators and evolve into yet another destination in the digital war for attention:

  • In August, LinkedIn acquired Jumprope, a platform for creating “how-to” videos and step-by-step tutorials specifically for social media, and in January, the site launched a beta version of a Clubhouse-style events platform for hosting live audio discussions.
  • In September, LinkedIn announced plans for a $25 million creator fund, intended to attract and retain top posters and creators to make content for its 800 million users.

Ironically, even the social media site designed to help users find a job wants to serve as a distraction from, you know, actually getting any work done.