Isobel Asher Hamilton

Isobel Asher Hamilton (she/her) is a senior reporter at The Daily Upside. Previously she worked at Business Insider and Mashable. She specializes in covering Big Tech, social media, and AI. Isobel is based in London.

Billionaires Inherit More Wealth Than They Make

(Photo by Quan Nguyen via Unsplash)

Newly minted billionaires got more of their money from inheritance than, well, making money, according to UBS.

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Stability AI Is Reportedly Shopping Around for a Buyer

Stability AI, the startup behind AI-powered image-generator Stable Diffusion, is reportedly shopping itself to potential acquirers.

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Meta’s Paid Ad-Free Plan Gets Hit With Privacy Lawsuit

Mark Zuckerberg’s newest nemesis, Max Schrems, says Meta’s new pay-for-privacy subscription doesn’t comply with EU laws.

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Amazon’s Healthcare Dreams Are Fractured

Amazon, along with its Big Tech brethren, has long been trying to break into the healthcare market. But it’s not going as planned.

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Northvolt Develops New Lithium-Free Battery To Rival Precious Earth Metal Ones

Swedish battery-maker Northvolt announced proudly on Tuesday that it had developed a new kind of sodium-ion battery.

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Private Jets Belonging to Celebs and Execs Rack Up Years In Flight Time

(Photo by Yaroslav Muzychenko on Unsplash)

Private jets belonging to a group of just 200 celebrities and executives have racked up 11 years’ worth of flight time since 2022.

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Crypto Exchange Bullish Buys Crypto News Site CoinDesk

CoinDesk was acquired in an all-cash deal by Bullish, a crypto exchange run by former NYSE president Tom Farley.

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Meta Stamps Out its Responsible AI Team

Meta has disbanded a team in charge of making sure the company developed AI in an ethical way, according to The Information.

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CRISPR Gene Therapy Gets First-Ever Regulatory OK

Casgevy, a CRISPR gene-editing therapy, has been authorized by UK authorities to treat people with two blood diseases..

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Ukrainian Grain Shipments Are Insurable Again

The Ukrainian government struck a deal with insurers on Wednesday to provide affordable insurance to ships carrying grain out of the country.

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