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British Startup is Breaking the Cocoa Supply Chain

Much like Wu-Tang, one new chocolate startup is for the children. Now, a new startup is hoping to break the industry’s dark history of agricultural exploitation by turning to a 21st-century solution. You’ve heard of lab-made meat. Now get ready…

Investors Are Slowing Their Home-Buying Spree

Apartment-dwelling millennials rejoice. At long last, institutional home real estate investors — the type of companies that have been upending house auctions and outbidding traditional home seekers in desirable neighborhoods near you — appear to be slowing their frenetic pandemic-era…


Remote Work Major Driver of Home Price Spike, Study Finds

Hate the housing market? You may have your remote-working self to blame.


Opendoor Feels the Ripple Effects of Housing Market’s Big Slump

The flailing housing market claims another iBuying victim.


Institutional Real Estate Investors Bet on the Suburbs

Suburban office space is the hot new real estate frontier.


Burned by the Housing Market, Americans Are Moving to Europe

It’s summer, the dollar is incredibly strong, and your Instagram feed is a constant reminder everyone’s taking advantage of the situation with vacations abroad. But some people are making the trip a little more permanent. With a brutal housing market…

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Home Flipping Rises to Highest Level This Century

Missed out on a possible dream home? Don’t worry, you may have to wait just a few months before it hits the market again. Of course, you’ll likely have to pay a slightly higher price. Roughly 10% of US homes…


Prologis to Acquire Duke Realty in $26 Billion Deal

While the e-commerce industry has cooled and faces strong headwinds, one player is keeping the faith. Or, should we say, keeping the space. On Monday, real estate giant Prologis agreed to acquire Duke Realty in an all-stock deal valued at…


Gen Z Has Started Buying Homes: They Love Salt Lake City and Louisville

Twenty years ago, enterprising young people dreamed of life in The Big Apple or The City of Angels. Now, they’re settling on Salt Lake City and Louisville. A new report from lending marketplace LendingTree reveals Generation Z accounted for 10%…


Blackstone Drops $13 Billion on Student Housing Developer

Going to college is expensive, said every student in America. Why yes, yes it is, replied US investment giant Blackstone, which knows a good business opportunity when it sees one. On Monday, the private equity giant agreed to acquire American…


With Housing Affordability in Doubt, Homebuilders are Taking a Beating

By many metrics, the US housing market is as strong as ever. Homes are worth more than at any time in history and according to, the national shortage stands at 5.2 million homes, up from the 3.8 million gap…

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Extra Credit: The Shifting World of Private Credit Markets

Tale of the Tape: Warren Buffett and Cathie Wood

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