The Driverless Race

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Plus: How Apple and Nvidia want to tackle traffic jams.

Happy Monday and welcome to Patent Drop! 

Today’s Patent Drop is all about the journey. We’re taking a look at Intel’s plans for in-car sobriety tests, Baidu’s goal to make sure its riders are strapped in, and why Apple and Nvidia may want to keep an eye on the road. Let’s buckle in. 

#1. 🎶Intel, take the wheel🎶

Even if a car can drive for you, Intel knows that the person behind the wheel still needs to have a clear head. 

The company is working on tech that makes drivers take a cognitive capacity test” to activate autonomous driving. Essentially, the car tests for factors like situational awareness, response times and accuracy to ensure that a user can take control of the car in the event that it “encounters a situation that the vehicle is unable to navigate.” This means that even if the car is the one doing the driving, you can’t knock back a few Jägerbombs and get behind the wheel. 

“Automated driving may require a driver to alter a level of active engagement with a vehicle on short notice,” Intel said in its application.