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Amazon Prepares for Massive Layoffs as Bezos Gets in the Giving Spirit

Jeff Bezos giveth. Jeff Bezos taketh away. On Monday, the world’s-sometimes-richest-man said he’s finally ready to part with a significant amount of his personal wealth — and this time on purpose. The announcement came just as The New York Times…


Putin’s Draft Scares Away his Own Citizens, Hurts National Economy

Russia’s borders are looking looser than a runny borscht. As Vladimir Putin continues his woebegone war in Ukraine, Russian civilians are leaving in droves, with many fleeing to nearby countries and wealthier citizens seeking the island life far from the…


Disney to Make Cuts After Streaming and Theme Park Losses

(Photo credit: Younho Choo/Unsplash)

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – the sequel to the 2018 box office smash – took off faster than a Wakandan airship, earning $180 million in North American ticket sales since it opened Friday, good for the second biggest film opening…


The Crypto Industry is Feeling the Aftershocks of the FTX Implosion

Crypto’s biggest players are attempting to avoid a (block)chain reaction. After the epic collapse of crypto firm FTX last week, the rest of the industry’s key exchanges — Binance,, and the like — are rushing to ward off panic…


The Founder of Crypto Exchange FTX May be in Deep Legal Trouble

Is FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried the Elizabeth Holmes or Bill Hwang of crypto? After fellow exchange Binance wiggled out of a deal to acquire the firm earlier this week (and backstop its massive losses), FTX finds itself seriously short on…


Pro-Brexit Business Magnate Says UK Needs More Immigrant Labor

Between its revolving-door government and worsening energy crunch, the UK wakes up to a new crisis nearly every day. And hey, did you catch former health minister Matt Hancock appearing on the reality TV show I’m A Celebrity Get Me…


Bumble Shares Fall as Gen Z Take a Break from Dating

(Photo Credit: Renè Ranisch/Unsplash)

Bumble has taken a tumble. With empty-hearted, penny-pinching Gen Z users not renewing their subscriptions, analysts caution uncertainty in the dating app’s share. Love hurts, but being broke is pure agony. ‘Are You on the Apps?’ Finding love on the…


Bavarian Nordic’s Quarterly Earnings Pop on Monkeypox Vaccine

Denmark, which ranks among the world’s happiest countries year in and year out, has another reason to smile. On Wednesday, Danish drugmaker Bavarian Nordic announced “all-time high revenues” in their latest quarterly earnings off the backs of an old smallpox…


Saudis Bolster English Soccer Team with Major Investment

It’s the equivalent of an oil strike for British strikers. Saudi Arabia’s state-run Public Investment Fund announced Wednesday it will pour $80.6 million into the Newcastle United Football Club, which it purchased last year and now sits at an impressive…


Meta Starts Laying Off 13% of Staff 

If you thought the Twitter layoffs were carnage, may we refer you to the first true Big Tech whale carcass lying over there on the beach. Meta announced Wednesday it would let go 11,000 employees from its workforce, following rumors…

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