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Inflation Finally Cools in the Eurozone

It may not be the World Cup Trophy (at least yet), but Europe got a big win on Wednesday. After 17 brutal months, inflation in the eurozone is starting to cool, according to data published by the EU’s statistics agency….


Airbnb Targets Renters

(Photo credit: Open Grid Scheduler/Flickr)

In a “Nixon to China” development, Airbnb aims to legitimize your apartment sublet. The vacation giant announced Wednesday it’s launching a new service to let renters in 25-plus US cities find apartments to sublet as Airbnb hosts, tapping into the…


Nestlé to Sell Off Peanut Allergy Treatment, Not the Blockbuster They Hoped

Ah, nuts. They should’ve stuck to Baby Ruths and Butterfingers. Nestlé announced Tuesday it will unload the world’s only approved peanut allergy treatment just two years after acquiring the company that developed it. Potential patients must’ve found it easier to…


Warner Bros is Losing One of its Most Reliable Partners

Look out! Get out of the way! Godzilla is…leaving? On Tuesday, Legendary Entertainment — the production house behind the giant monster movie franchise and other blockbuster properties — announced it is ending its long-standing relationship with Warner Bros. to team…


HSBC is Bidding Farewell to its Canadian Customers

British bank HSBC used to bill itself as “the world’s local bank,” but the emphasis is increasingly on local and less on the world part of the equation. On Tuesday, the gigantic financial institution agreed to sell its Canadian business…


E-scooter Biz Could be First Moscow IPO Since Ukraine Invasion

It’s not exactly a victory parade on Red Square, but on Monday an electric scooter company announced it’s considering listing on the Moscow Exchange, which would make it the country’s first initial public offering since President Vladimir Putin launched his…


China Unrest Tanks Oil

Chinese protesters calling for Xi Jinping to step down are likely to be disappointed. But they have managed to topple oil prices. The price of crude has been falling for the past three weeks, but this weekend’s protests erupting throughout…


Crypto Lender BlockFi Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Turns out, the house of non-fungible cards that Sam Bankman-Fried built FTX on may just share a few load-bearing foundations with another major crypto player. BlockFi, a lender that forgoes credit checks and uses cryptocurrencies as collateral, has now become…


Tech Company Wants to Cure Brain Ailments with Teeny Tiny Robots

If this were The Matrix, you wouldn’t want a robot climbing into your head. Now imagine if instead of trying to suck the life out of you, they were robotic life-savers. The team that created Apple’s Face ID is on…


EU Likely to Raise Tobacco Taxes to Suppress Smoking

Butt out or pay up. The EU is set to propose stronger taxes on cigarettes and its first union-wide excise levy on vaping and tobacco-warming products, according to a draft European Commission document, curbing smoking habits, and opening gobs of…

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