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FDA Approves the First-Ever Lab-Grown Meat Product

Like all presidents, Joe Biden will pardon two turkeys next week, but thanks to a major scientific breakthrough, soon all birds may be spared from becoming Thanksgiving dinners. On Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration for the first time ever…


Activision Blizzard Loses Partnership In China

One of America’s biggest gaming companies just rage-quit China. Activision Blizzard failed to reach a renewal deal with NetEase, its Chinese partner which has helped run Blizzard’s wildly popular suite of game titles in the people’s republic since 2008. That…


Restaurant Brands International Hires Legendary Ex-Domino’s CEO

One of the fast-food’s most storied knights is dusting off his spurs and swearing fealty to a new king. The Burger King. On Wednesday, Burger King parent company Restaurant Brands International — which also owns Popeyes and Tim Hortons —…


NASA Launches Artemis 1, Third Moon Landing to Come

Cape Canaveral, we have liftoff. Early Wednesday morning, NASA launched its Artemis 1 shuttle, an uncrewed test craft that sets the stage for American astronauts’ return to the Moon’s surface for the first time in 50 years. It’s one small…


Americans Rely Increasingly On Credit Cards and Home Equity

(Photo Credit: Simon/Flickr)

The US has a multi-trillion-dollar hangover and the debt market is its remedy of choice. The New York Federal Reserve on Tuesday revealed US household debt is at its highest level since the famously inauspicious year of 2008. The figures…


YouTube Launches Shorts Shopping Amid Ad Sales Dearth

Doom scrolling is about to become doom shopping Instead of clicking through online catalogs or being redirected to third-party links, YouTubers will be able to purchase items instantly as they scroll through Shorts, the TikTok-esque short-form video vertical launched in…


Coalition of Nations Agree To Help Indonesia Chuck Coal

It’s the equivalent of an environmental intervention. With the G20 held in Bali this year, wealthier nations are stepping up to help the host nation clean up its energy act — and presumably enjoying its pristine beaches…while they can. A…


Walmart Takes on Suppliers as it Looks to Ramp Up Holiday Shopping

(Photo credit: Caique Morais/UnSplash)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — for Walmart, at least. The largest retailer in the US by revenue is expecting a successful holiday season thanks to a more diverse customer base and its reliance on an evergreen…


Roche’s Latest Alzheimer’s Trials are a Flop

The fight against Alzheimer’s disease was dealt yet another setback on Monday. Two late-stage treatment studies conducted by Roche, which the pharma giant once hoped to be a miracle drug for more than 24 million people around the world, have…


Coffee Prices are Finally Coming Down

(Photo credit: Andreas Poike/Flickr)

Remember when you used to roll your eyes at geezers complaining about the price of coffee, and then you looked in the mirror and realized you had become that geezer? Well, good news! The price of coffee beans has come…

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