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British Startup is Breaking the Cocoa Supply Chain

Much like Wu-Tang, one new chocolate startup is for the children. Now, a new startup is hoping to break the industry’s dark history of agricultural exploitation by turning to a 21st-century solution. You’ve heard of lab-made meat. Now get ready…

Tesla Denies Claims It Will Make Fewer Model Ys in China


Tesla’s Shanghai plant was like Schrödinger’s car factory yesterday, occupying two possible realities. On Monday, gossip spread that Tesla would cut back its electric vehicle production in the Paris of the East, but just a few hours later, Tesla denied…


Delta Proposes More than 30% Pay Increases in New Pilot Contract

(Photo credit: Trac Vu/Unsplash)

Delta pilots have entered smooth air ahead of the holidays. The airline is offering pilots 34% raises as part of a new contract proposal after aviators began pressuring a resurgent airline industry for better pay and benefits. Soaring Demands Pandemic…


Rolex Starts Certifying Pre-Owned Watches

Rolex is known for its innovative, fast-moving seconds hand — and for countless fake second-hand watches bearing its storied name. But on Thursday the Swiss timepiece titan announced it’s launching its very first certification program for pre-owned watches. The company…


First OTC Overdose-Reversal Medication Could Soon be on the Way

Over 100,000 Americans died of a drug overdose during the 12 months ending in March, according to CDC data, a disturbing 44% increase from just two years prior. Thankfully, a powerful new tool to fight the epidemic may soon be…


US Disputes Trade as Mexico Plans to Ban Genetically Modified Corn

Mexico cracked corn and the US does care. Mexico will ban all genetically modified corn by 2024. That’s not sweet news for the US, which is now threatening legal action over the sweeping policy change. It’s Corn! It’s Got the…

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Airbnb Targets Renters

(Photo credit: Open Grid Scheduler/Flickr)

In a “Nixon to China” development, Airbnb aims to legitimize your apartment sublet. The vacation giant announced Wednesday it’s launching a new service to let renters in 25-plus US cities find apartments to sublet as Airbnb hosts, tapping into the…


Nestlé to Sell Off Peanut Allergy Treatment, Not the Blockbuster They Hoped

Ah, nuts. They should’ve stuck to Baby Ruths and Butterfingers. Nestlé announced Tuesday it will unload the world’s only approved peanut allergy treatment just two years after acquiring the company that developed it. Potential patients must’ve found it easier to…


Warner Bros is Losing One of its Most Reliable Partners

Look out! Get out of the way! Godzilla is…leaving? On Tuesday, Legendary Entertainment — the production house behind the giant monster movie franchise and other blockbuster properties — announced it is ending its long-standing relationship with Warner Bros. to team…


China Unrest Tanks Oil

Chinese protesters calling for Xi Jinping to step down are likely to be disappointed. But they have managed to topple oil prices. The price of crude has been falling for the past three weeks, but this weekend’s protests erupting throughout…


Crypto Lender BlockFi Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Turns out, the house of non-fungible cards that Sam Bankman-Fried built FTX on may just share a few load-bearing foundations with another major crypto player. BlockFi, a lender that forgoes credit checks and uses cryptocurrencies as collateral, has now become…

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