Car Dealerships Brace for Bad 2023

Ol’ Gil won’t be eating next year. A new survey of 1,000 US car dealerships revealed a gloomy forecast as consumers who’d previously been clamoring for hard-to-find cars are now switching off, just as supply starts to catch up to…

Renault and Geely Announce Joint Venture for Combustion Engines

(Photo Credit – Martin Katler/Unsplash)

Looking to jump-start its business, French automaker Renault is turning to China. In a major restructuring, Renault announced Tuesday it will partner with Chinese company Geely and split its combustion engine and electric vehicle divisions into two separate stock market…


Uber Signs 10-year Deal with Motional for Driverless Cars

Uber takes another crack at robotaxis.


Carmakers Circle as Vale Weighs Selling a Stake in Metals Unit

Carmarkers dig deep for nickel.


Hertz and BP Partner to Install Thousands of EV Chargers; Gov’t Funds Its Own Network

Two major electric vehicle charging projects, one private and one public, will put thousands of new stations on the map in America.


Volvo Rolls Out Expensive Radar Technology Across Models

Volvo to roll out Lidar tech to its entire fleet.

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Ford Wants to Prioritize EVs at its Dealerships

Ford dealers have a big EV decision ahead of them.


Rising Battery Prices Squeeze EV Makers’ Cash Reserves

Do electric vehicle manufacturers have enough cash to stay alive?


Auction House Christie’s Becomes a VC

The latest hot tech fundraising round is going once, going twice, and sold to the rather fancy-looking chaps with the wooden paddles. Well not exactly, but Christie’s is going to hang some equity agreements next to the Basquiats and Picassos…


Porsche Revs Up Margin Forecasts, Investors Still Skeptical About IPO

With the official name Dr.-Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft, luxury automaker Porsche is a testament to why brand marketing exists. On Monday, the company was busy touting its economic brand. In advance of an IPO later this year, executives said…


GM, Tesla Strike New Partnerships to Expand EV Infrastructure

Interest and demand for electric vehicles in the US continues to increase — especially with the recent energy crisis that’s turned every trip to the gas station into a painful exercise. But meeting that demand, and supporting the growing network…

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